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    Edina Real Estate

    The city of Edina began with its history of farming and milling which has now evolved into a popular suburban city with nothing to spare when it comes to facilities! With exclusive boutiques to exceptional dining, Edina is for the people who love all-urban!

    Having all seasons showing up, you are sure to have a lifestyle of engaging in sports and recreational activities throughout the year with skating over the lakes during winter and hitting the golf course during summer or if you are up for some fun in the water, you can head over to the Aquatic Center with your family!

    Being a busy city, Edina still offers its residents the experience of natural living with plenty of parks and biking trails promoting a lifestyle of fun and entertainment close to nature. The Centennial Lakes Park and Edinborough Park are known to be the go-to places of locals to have some good times with family and friends!

    With a stable educational system at its finest and plenty of employment opportunities available for employees, and the best in healthcare from hospitals such as Fairview Southdale Hospital and most importantly, fine dining experiences such as at the Wooden Hill Brewing Company, Edina offers the perfect household for those who want to build a family with a touch of upscale living!