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    Minnetonka Real Estate

    Minnetonka is no exception when it comes to the great lakes all around Minnesota, with natural beauty and suburban surroundings, this city values its education system and well-known employers, providing you a good educational background followed with good employment opportunities.

    Popular for its stunning scenery, nature spots such as Lake Minnetonka and Minnehaha Creek are few of the many places available for you and your loved ones to either have a relaxing walk enjoying the nature or bike through the trails feeling the wind gushing while absorbing the scenic beauty! With many parks such as Purgatory Park, the opulence of nature here at Minnetonka is exceptional!

    And you get to fly here at Minnetonka, literally! Bring your whole family to Ifly to experience some flying action even when you are not a bird! And bring your loved ones to spend an evening filled with games and entertainment at the Big Thrill Factory which features all sorts of gaming and outdoor activities!

    If you are in for some big city vibes with plenty of nature along the corners and good food and thrilling entertainment apart from the excellent hospitality provided wherever you go, Minnetonka is your ideal destination for a home of your own.