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Hi, I'm Tony!

A top 1% Coldwell Banker realtor in the Twin Cities metro area and a certified special needs educator. As a proud father to a child with special needs and having helped hundreds of clients find their new homes in the last 5 years, me and my team are dedicated to making the home buying or selling process as smooth as possible for you and your family.

My story into real estate has a familiar start that all parents can relate to. I was a struggling father, doing everything I could to support my firstborn son, who was born with autism and still to this day is non-verbal. After years of sleepless nights, working with experts, and a whole lot of trial and error, I've learned so much about him, his fears, his likes and how I can best support him as a father.

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I realized just how important structure and routine is for my son. And as I have learned firsthand, both with my own family and the dozens of families with special needs I have worked with, there is no bigger disruption than moving homes. It's not easy, never as smooth as any of us would wish (though nothing worthwhile in life is), but a challenge should never prevent us from doing what is best for our family.

So if you are ready to sell your house, buy a new house, or relocate, my message to you is: do it. Because the home is a uniquely sacred place, especially for our kids. Me and my team will work with you throughout the entire process with empathy and commitment to help you address any and all issues or concerns that arise.

My life mission is to empower all children to live a fulfilled and happy life, one that enables each of them to reach their fullest potential. This is why I work as a real estate agent. For transitioning from one home to another is one of the most consequential changes a family can make on the lives of their children. Change is often a beautiful thing, bringing with it new opportunities and new adventures. But us humans often get set in our ways and routines. Change can be daunting and scary. It is our goal to find the missing piece that helps you and your family carry out the transition with ease.

With gratitude,

Tony Farah